Compliance Management made simple

CXp Is A One-Stop Solution That Simplifies Your Company's Compliance By Covering Relevant Standards And Regulations


CXp simplifies approach to Compliance and Risk handling through integrated, framework-based policy, audits, risk and defect management as core modules

CXp is an integrated platform that provides visibility, automation, and record-keeping, helping you manage your core activities while being compliant.


CXp’s user-focused customizability features allow users to opt for their preferred mode of interface and interactions (I&I). Users can choose from a variety of dashboard, reporting and workflows.

Add Standards

Create controls repository along with testing guidelines for any standard, framework, internal controls and policies that support regulatory, customer specific requirement or contractual commitments.

Build a Framework

Allows you to build a compliance framework that unifies all appropriate controls from different sources. It can fulfil compliance requirements in a single set, enabling you to choose each control’s testing type and frequency.

Manage Audit

Set up internal audit procedures, define the scope of the audit, select controls, determine the frequency, establish and manage the audit schedule, record findings, publish reports, and manage the corrective process.

Manage Risks

Conduct routine risk assessments through an in-built risk management lifecycle with risk assessment, analysis, risk evaluation, and risk mitigation. Maintain centralized risk inventory, retain records, supporting documents, and logs.

Manage Deficiency

Document and track each finding along with its corresponding response and remedial action. Helps owners to oversee findings, communicate corrections & corrective actions and successfully mitigate risk.

Manage Information Assets

Classify and review information assets and handling rules for all those who are responsible. Ensure that all users have an up-to-date inventory of all assets.

Manage Compliance Trainings

CXp’s content management system provides an easy-to-use interface to import content, build, and assign courses, track progress and maintain results.

CXp is an integrated platform that provides visibility, automation, and record-keeping, helping you manage your core activities while being compliant.

Vendor Management

CXp’s vendor management capabilities allow you to easily administer questionnaires to your vendors and track all relevant information from all stakeholders on a unified interface. This module also allows you to respond to questionnaires received from your customers, easily and quickly using our built-in prediction system.

Customized Alerts

Configure alerts for various activities and reminders based on process workflows.

Dashboards & Reports

Customizable widget-based dashboards will display compliance data in interactive visualizations that enable users to monitor and analyze processes.

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